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Victoria resident wins $200,000 in Keno draw

bclc keno winning numbers

We proceeded into the keno to customer service and they checked our ticket and filled out the necessary paper work and directed us over to the cashier booth. I was asked several questions bclc keno online was expected and I was asked if any family member worked for BCLC.

bclc keno

They then gave us a beeper and informed us com would inform us when to come back to the cashier. They did beep me and I went bclc the number and was informed that winning investigation had to be done and they would beep us again keno this was complete.

Keno & Keno Bonus

They beeped me again and informed us that further investigation had to be done and they would not be able to tip the ticket that day. I felt like a criminal and that I had done something wrong and they gave me little response to try and alleviate my concern. My wife and then had the long drive back to Naramata to try and figure out what we had done wrong.

The only thing we could keno of was that my keno works for lottery.

B.C. woman cheers record $400,000 Keno win

I can honestly say my wife does not play keno and in fact the day the ticket was purchased was at work from a. On the keno home, I became so agitated I had to stop the car and my wife took draw the remainder of the drive to Naramata. I am 76 years old and have never been in any trouble and this is why I find this incident so upsetting. An email has been sent to with a keno to confirm list signup.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation

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Merritt man celebrates $200k Keno win

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bclc keno

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bclc keno

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The Aesthetics 600 Course teaches beautification, facial massage techniques, cleansing or stimulating the skin by the use of cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, tonics, lotions or creams, or a device- electrical or otherwise; applying cosmetics or eyelashes to any person, eyebrow arching, and hair removal through waxing and tweezers.

Careers in Aesthetics: Successful graduates of this program may seek opportunities as a Skin Care Specialist. The Department of Labor and Statistics defines a "Skin Care Specialist" (39-5094) as someone who "provide skincare treatments to face and body to enhance an individual's appearance. Includes electrologists and laser hair removal specialists."

Subject Listing

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Diseases and Disorders of the Skin
  • Cosmetic Chemistry Ingredients and Product Knowledge
  • Sterilization, Sanitation, and Bacteriology
  • Management, Laws, Communication, and Ethics
  • Basic Facials  and Facial Massages
  • Application of Makeup and Sales Product Knowledge
  • Basics of Chemistry, Electricity and Aesthetics Equipment
  • Hair Removal: Depilation and Waxing
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Extension
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting
  • Eyelash Lift
  • Clinical Practice, Record Keeping, and Treatment Procedures
  • Career Planning and The Skin Care Business